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Sunday, 6 May 2007

Prince Zuko from Avatar (anime influences)

Age: 16 (coming towards 17 at end of season 2)

Role: Exhiled prince, powerful firebender and a complex antagonist

Avatar is one of those shows that is not an anime but you could understand why someone would confuse it as one. It's not an anime because it was made outside of Japan, that is the rule. Other shows like this include Totally Spies! and Teen Titans.

I really feel for Zuko. I mean, yes he is one of the baddies trying to capture the Avatar and he is from the evil Fire Nation, but he is doing so in order to gain love and respect from his father. His sister, Princess Azula, on the other hand, is just doing so because she is pure evil. And that's no lie.

Halfway through the second season, I really thought he was going to become good and leave his past and the Fire Nation behind him. But then again, why should he? Being bad makes him who he is! And after what he has been through, you can allow him for wanting revenge.
It is shows like this that prove that the japanese influence over western shows is steadly growing. Things such as the classic anime fall, sweatdrops and popped veins are becoming more and more aparent.
Avatar was aimed at the kids demographic, but proved to be very popular with older audiences and it is easy to see why- complex characters and storylines, the art of elemential bending and, most importantly, beautiful guys.


Anonymous said...

I love the Avatar basically the whole series.At first when the show just started i wasnt a big fan,but then when the new episodes started to come out i was fascinated. In the begin i did really like prince Zuko but then as the episodes went by i started to fall in love with his character. I statred to under why he was so anger. He had a hard childhood which i guess runs in the family. But then When he later on when he grew hair which he became MUCH hotter!!!!!! He find himself, a different path then what he exspected and i was so happy. I kno this my sound a little dorky but i love this show it really means something to me. It has to be one of my favorite show.Idk im just very passionate about the show and Zuko. But i would have to say that waterbending is my favorite bending element.
It must be so hard to be the avatar and only at 12 years old but at the same time very fun gettinh to learn 3 new elements. Aang one of the very strong character being the avatar in all. But in their own way they all are. They went through so much apart and together whick made them stronger then most children their age.Well let me stop rappin yall up. But i REALLY LOVE THIS SOOO MUCH. And i just hope so hard that a new season will come out cause i just not ready to let go when i just grabed on.
P.S. I love you Zuko &&& the voice for him to. OXOX

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