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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Riku from Kingdom Hearts (gaming)

Age: 15 in KH, 16 in KH II

Game: Kingdom Hearts

Role: Angsty protagonist/antagonist

Ahh, it was about time to get onto Riku. He is just too cute! He can be a bit... mixed up at times but that just adds to his charm! And, I have said it once and I will darn well say it again, characters with mixed up backgrounds just make more interesting people!

Riku is one of Sora's best friends. Sora being the main character of the game. Kairi being the other best friend. Together, they live on the beautiful Destiny Islands together, without a care in the world...

Okay, let's try to cut a long story short without giving away too much of the game play. Kairi gets kidnapped, Sora becomes the keyblade master and Riku becomes angsty and turns to the darkness. All not necessarily in that order, but as you place as Sora, you have to try and rescue Kairi and get Riku Back to the good side. With Donald Duck and Goofy by your side...

Yes that's right. Kingdom Hearts is the weird but ingenious marriage of Square Enix (the company that brought us the Final Fantasy series) and Disney. Throughout the game you will meet every disney character under the sun (Including Tron and Captain Jack Sparrow in the second game) and even a few famous Final Fatansty names including Cloud and Sephiroth. And you won't guess who the King is. Okay, yes it's that obvious, it's Mickey Mouse.

Kingdom Hearts has been a massive gaming success, almost as big as it's Final Fantasy siblings. So much so that people are waiting desperately for the release of the third game. How much more Disney and RPG (Role Playing Game) fun can you pack into a third game, you may ask? Obviously not enough.

So, Riku. I love Riku. He kind of reminds me of Sasuke from Naruto, only without the whole family being wiped out history part. He's cool, suave, and all the ladies love him. He's really close to my heart. Maybe he'll be close to yours too.


Kym said...

I wuvvvvv Riku! *drool*

xxxRikuxxx said...

If Riku wasn't a game character I would so marry him
Hes sooooooooo hot

chesauroshin said...

This was a great little article! Riku really is the KH character closest, to my heart, so this made me smile :)

Anonymous said...

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OnomichiSaruokami said...

I have been in love with Riku for the longeset now. And I still love him especially in yaoi. Soriku makes the best yaoi couple.

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Hi Nessie,
My nephew loves Riku and he will be glad when I share this blog with him. I am sure he will be active here to know updates about Riku.

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