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Thursday, 10 May 2007

Your Questions Answered- the sequel

No, actually, this time round people have really been asking questions! So, I will take some time out of my busy schedual and answer some of your burning queries! Okay, so it's not like I had anything else to do, but so what? First question!

1)Why are women the better cosplayers?

Now this isn't necessarily true. Although some of the better cosplays are done by women, there are some famous (good) male cosplayers as well. One being the legendary Stripper Vash- he has many skits on Youtube, has hosted a cosplay competition and even hosts his own gaming event each year. Not only that, but his cosplays are awesome.
And then there is this guy. *shudders*

2)Who is your favourite bishounen?

You can't ask me that! That's too hard! I love them all! Then again, I do have days, or seasons, where I have my preferences. Like when I was watching the whole series of Ouran High School non stop it was all about Tamaki and Kyoya... times change... at the moment, my favourite is Hitsugaya.

3)Since you became a hardcore fan, how much have you spent on anime, manga and other japanese related products?

*whispers* about £600 in two years?

4)Who is the bishounen of the moment?

I have a feeling it is Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy- Dirge of Cerberus. I have no idea why. But everywhere I turn I see fanart of him all over the internet. He does seem like an interesting guy. I must start reading up on him to raise my knowlegde bar.

Well, that is all the questions this time round! Please, tune in next time and enjoy the picture of Vincent!

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